Size of the space

The first thing you should keep in mind is the size of your terrace or garden to know what type of furniture is the best. According to your space you can choose between garden sofas, tables and chairs, or simply chairs, hammocks are a perfect option for small spaces, and armchairs and puffs are also an excellent alternative for outdoor. Our recommendation is that no matter what your case, do not saturate your space with many elements, because the magic of the outdoors is precisely the feeling of freedom.


Initially the materials par excellence for outdoor furniture were wicker and iron, highlighted by its durability and beauty. However, as the world of decoration is not static and stands out for innovation, materials such as teak, aluminum and synthetic rattan were incorporated, the latter being the favorite material today. The benefits of synthetic rattan are many, perfectly supports the inclement weather, so it is perfect for different regions. It also resists the effects of sun discoloration, and its maintenance is minimal. You must bear in mind that if you choose garden sofas made of fibers or fabrics, it is very important to make sure it is waterproof fabric.

Ideal decorative style

When buying outdoor furniture it is necessary to take into account the type of decoration that the environment has, as well as the type of trees, gardens or plants that will accompany your new furniture. It should be noted that if your house has a predominant style of decoration, the choice of your furniture should also match this. Although as in the world of decoration everything is worthwhile since each element is in the right place, choosing your decoration according to the color of the facade is also an option and also gives an air of modernity to your space. Now it’s just a matter of you evaluating your options, and deciding what’s best for you, whether it’s a risky Mid Century Modern room, or an ever-reliable classic-style furniture.


The accessories are fundamental for all types of spaces, since they are those small details with which we highlight the most important features of our environment. You can choose to use cushions with waterproof covers and that can be removed to be able to wash more easily, the most recommended are those that are made of materials such as textilene. In addition, if we talk about outdoor spaces vegetation plays a leading role, and that is why deciding on plants and flowers as part of the set is a total success.