The Power of Design for Mexico

By Jorge Diego Etienne

A great design is the result of the combination of emotion and function. This is how its value, its true power, transcends when creating emotional connections with people.

Designing from a local context reflects the identity of the same, giving it an honest singularity. For the Mexican design it is important to know the resources and people who understand it, being these the key so that the materials and processes speak of where they are produced and contribute to the economic development of the country, as well as the people who will use it and interact with the daily. We live in a world that is totally connected and constantly changing, giving designers a special power to see into the future without forgetting the past.

The design has the ability to carry this identity to everyday objects, tell stories of the time in which we live and also keep traditions and culture alive. It is not necessarily to link this concept with the work of artisans, it is also achieved through the use of workshops and specialized factories of the different trades that are made in our country.

In countries like Japan, the power of design to reinforce a country’s identity and culture, from contemporary design to artisan objects, is very clear. Mexico, being a younger country is still finding a way to do this exercise of creating objects with cultural relevance that change the “Made in Mexico” by the “Designed in Mexico”.

There are other countries that have a defined style for their design based on artisanal or cultural features and translating them into everyday objects. Beyond design, an object transcends creating an extraordinary moment in an ordinary routine. In Mexico, we are still looking for a definition of Mexican design, when in reality everything that is generated in the country falls into this category since it is the product of many recurring factors in our industry, society and culture.